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Our Difference

Hookipa Biotech AG is a clinical stage biotech company aiming to develop best-in-class active immunization therapies for infectious diseases and oncology.

Our proprietary TheraT® and Vaxwave® platforms have shown promising abilities to elicit high neutralizing antibody responses, but also necessary levels of T cell responses, currently missing in most vaccine and therapeutic approaches. Hookipa’s vectors are not impeded by vector-neutralizing antibodies and can be administered repeatedly, providing even greater immune protection. Levels of specific T cells generated by TheraT® are unprecedented in the field and have the potential to transform active immune-therapy in cancers.

We have completed the active phase of a Phase 1 trial of a Vaxwave®-based vaccine against cytomegalovirus (CMV) and are finalizing clinical development plans for TheraT® in Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)- related head and neck cancers.

Our Work


Hookipa is committed to responsibly developing critical programs where TheraT® and Vaxwave® can make the biggest difference for the most people. Our science and technologies have demonstrated the possibility of highly potent antibody and T cell responses while maintaining safety, even with repeated administrations.

Compound Phase
HB-101 Vaxwave® 1
Research ID1 Vaxwave® DISC
HB-201 Heterologous TheraT® PRECLIN
HB-301 Heterologous TheraT® DISC
Research IO1 TheraT® DISC

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How to work with us


Hookipa Biotech is dedicated to utilizing the full potential of its two product platforms Vaxwave® and TheraT®. Vaxwave® is focused on the development of prophylactic vaccines to prevent infectious diseases and TheraT® enables Hookipa to develop immuno-oncology therapies and therapeutic vaccines.

We are open for strategic partnerships based on both platforms which reflect the potential of the technology, provide performance related downstream revenues while preserving growth opportunities for Hookipa Biotech in the future.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Presenting our team


Hookipa is a dedicated team united by the desire to find solutions for people with untreatable cancers and infectious diseases. Our leadership brings together significant achievements in immunology and building successful biotech companies to demand the kind of innovation necessary to make things happen.

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